Cognitive Functional Therapy

CFT at North Lakes Physiotherapy

Cognitive functional therapy (CFT) is a patient centred approach to management that targets the beliefs, fears and associated behaviours (both movement and lifestyle) of each individual with specifically back pain, but other areas of the body too. It leads the person to be mindful that pain is not a reflection of damage – but rather a process where the person is trapped in a vicious cycle of pain and disability. This is fuelled by a nervous system that is stressed and sensitized due to negative beliefs, fear, lost hope, anxiety and avoidance, linked to mal-adaptive (provocative) movement and lifestyle behaviours.

Cognitive Functional Therapy

North Lakes Physiotherapy is fantastic. You can go with any injury, or like myself, you can go with a disability, and rest assured you will get the best possible support. Mike Salkeld especially has supported me through the highs and the lows of my disability. Giving me exercises along the way to help me continue to improve. I would not go anywhere else, and I would recommend to all my friends and family

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