Specific Exercise

Specific Exercise at North Lakes Physio

Specific exercise is a fundamental part of physiotherapy treatment at the North Lakes Physio Clinic. Patients will rarely leave without advice, if not a full exercise programme, specific to their needs and injury/condition. The specific exercise may be to strengthen, lengthen or increase the proprioceptive quality of soft tissues. Specific exercises will also be used to alter the biomechanical imbalances of muscles/joints or indeed used to treat back pain by altering discal pressure to relieve example sciatic symptoms. If indicated further equipment will be used including:

  • Stability balls
  • Wobble boards
  • Modified Pilates
  • Therabands
  • Free weights (provided in the North Lakes gym)
  • Cybex resistance machines (provided in the North Lakes gym)
  • Treadmills/cycles/X-Trainers (provided in the North Lakes gym)

Furthermore, North Lakes Physio staff are fully qualified Personal Trainers who can advise and progress rehabilitation programmes throughout the treatment period and advise thereafter to maintain that progress or to prevent re-occurrence of that injury.

Specific Exercise
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