I’m pain free – Thanks to Mike Salkeld!

Mike sorted out my 20 year old hip problem and a persistent Achilles heel problem in just a couple of sessions. I have wasted a lot of money on various treatments and physiotherapists over the years and not one of them managed to achieve the results that Mike has. His style is perfect - friendly yet professional -and I recommend him to anyone who mentions they are in pain.


Mike has been overseeing my personal fitness for several years, and following a skiing accident earlier this year is now also involved as a physio and trainer in my recovery. He has been very helpful in tailoring various exercises to my level of recovery, and is always upbeat and inspirational in his attitude. A pleasure to work with.


Top physio and a top man. I had a serious knee ligament damage and today completed 170 miles "way of the roses" bike ride. I've got so much strength back and couldn't of done it without Mikes rehabilitation course over the few months


I was referred to Mike after an RTC for Physio, I could not have asked for better treatment. Flexible appointments, a home exercise program and a Physio with great knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend, and can't thank Mike enough for his help in my recovery.


North Lakes Physiotherapy is fantastic. You can go with any injury, or like myself, you can go with a disability, and rest assured you will get the best possible support. Mike Salkeld especially has supported me through the highs and the lows of my disability. Giving me exercises along the way to help me continue to improve. I would not go anywhere else, and I would recommend to all my friends and family


Over the course of many years of competitive sport and general keeping fit, I've been treated by several physios for various ailments and injuries and I rate Mike Salkeld as one of be best. More recently I've had a serious knee problem and Mike's knowledge, treatment and caring attitude has made my recovery quicker and smoother than otherwise possible.


Excellent service, and very professional. I was so pleased with the effiency and competance which was unsurpassed, will use again. I would highly recommend to family and friends.


I developed MS in my twenties and was finally diagnosed in 2001. Consultants suggested various drugs, without much enthusiasm, but I chose not to use or continue with most of them, progressive MS does not appear very responsive to drug treatment. Other experiments with diet were also ineffective and the condition continued to worsen.

Some 5 years ago Mike suggested a physio trial. I was pleased to find that strength exercises improved muscle capability and core strength, and seemed to delay a progressive weakness in balance and walking. I have therefore continued with sessions since.

Whilst I would still trip there was a reduction in the number of times I fell - improved strength allowed me to save myself. Mike was also able to provide me with strategies to manage my right sided weakness and balance issues.

I found that unrelated conditions such as tendinitis in the shoulder and sciatica were also improved as a byproduct of exercises, and my ability to recover from inevitable fatigue seems improved. Importantly I could see that, despite consultants advice that there was little to be done, an improvement in strength avoided the feedback wastage of unused muscles, whether in the hand, arm or leg. This allowed me to develop a positive attitude to my condition, and often to ignore it.

I use stick and rollator to walk, a wheelchair and mobility scooter for longer distances and to get me to where I need to be, also a blue badge and a disabled railcard. However I am still able to work, find that quality of life is good, and I am convinced that physiotherapy helps maintain my ability to cope.

Since beginning physio I have been prescribed Fampyra, which has complemented the exercise work. I suspect however that without stronger muscles developed in physio sessions the medicine would have had less effect. This may be one reason why the drug alone is ineffective in a proportion of cases. From my experience I would recommend a combination of drug and physio therapy results in a suitable outcome.

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