Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy at North Lakes Physiotherapy

Are you recovering from an injury? Struggling to move your shoulder past a certain point? Or suffering from a condition that makes movement more taxing than it should be? It might seem counterintuitive, but exercise can help ease these kinds of problem.

Would you like to move without pain or restriction? Even if you have a condition that limits your movement, you can still do something about it. At North Lakes Physio, our expert exercise therapists help relieve musculoskeletal conditions in Penrith, Sedbergh and wider Cumbria. Get in touch today to find out how we could ease your condition. Give us a call on 0794 7918063 to find out sooner.

What is Exercise Therapy?

Exercise Therapy is the method used to help you recover from musculoskeletal conditions. These are disorders that affect your tendons, nerves, muscles and supporting structures like spinal discs. Examples of musculoskeletal conditions include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow.

Following exercise therapy, problems that cause these disorders are addressed. Through therapeutic exercises the muscles, tendons and other affected parts are lengthened and strengthened. So you become more mobile and with reduced or resolved pain.

You may think that using the body parts that cause you pain will only do you further harm, but this isn't the case. By ignoring the condition and not using the affected parts, problems often become worse. It's different when you follow graded exercise therapy. You will gradually regain mobility and see reduction in pain and discomfort.

Graded exercise therapy can be used to treat many conditions. Whether you need meniscus tear exercises, or struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME or Multiple sclerosis, exercise can help ease symptoms.

Why North Lakes?

You'll feel safe in the knowledge of our staff. Each one of our physiotherapists is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. They're all also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. To keep membership of these bodies, therapists are continually assessed and evaluated to show they're practising to the highest standard. So you can rest assured our staff are up to date.

With our exercise therapy, we'll give you an exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. So you know that what we get you doing is to your ability and will help ease your particular condition. You can perform these exercises in the North Lakes gym if you choose. We'll also give you a program of exercises to follow at home. With our help your recovery will be as quick and efficient as possible.

Got an issue you need addressing? Whether you're recovering from an injury, or suffering from something more permanent, we'll help. Get in touch with North Lakes Physio today to see how we can make your life better with our exercise therapy. Give us a call on 0794 7918063 to find out sooner.

Top physio and a top man. I had a serious knee ligament damage and today completed 170 miles "way of the roses" bike ride. I've got so much strength back and couldn't of done it without Mikes rehabilitation course over the few months

Exercise Therapy
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