Sports Massage

Sports Massage at North Lakes Physio

Out sports therapists provide sports massage that is orientated towards therapeutic treatment focusing on areas that are particularly tight and stiff relative to the rest of the body. It may involve myofascial release and trigger point release therapy.

Sports Massages or Sports Injury Massages

This type of treatment can help with Muscle recovery and Injury prevention.

A deep tissue sports massage is aimed at improving circulation, eliminating the build up of lactic acids and preventing accumulated stiffness from training or working repetitively. Some people choose to have a sports massage regularly to reduce the effect of regular training or problems relating to working positions. Others have it to reduce an acute tightness from time to time.

Deep Tissue Massages

This type of treatment can help Deep tension, trigger points, chronic conditions.

Deep tissue massage therapy is commonly used to help those actively involved in sports but is suitable for everyone. It is more orientated towards therapeutic treatment than pure relaxation. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on areas that are particularly tight relative to the rest of the body. It may involve myofascial and trigger point release massage treatment.

For more information on our Sports Massage service, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you get your fitness back to 100%.

Sports Massage

I was referred to Mike after an RTC for Physio, I could not have asked for better treatment. Flexible appointments, a home exercise program and a Physio with great knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend, and can't thank Mike enough for his help in my recovery.

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